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We Know Why Our Customers Choose King Trailers

King Trailers outclass other recreational service trailers. It’s the sum of the parts that make King a whole lot more trailer!

When buying a boat trailer, be sure to compare the features built into King Trailers with the competition. All trailers are not built the same. King Trailers are built for the long haul. In the years that we’ve been building trailers we have worked hard to optimize saltwater corrosion resistance and durability. We offer so many built-in special features we are able to deliver trailers our dealers are confident to offer, and customers are happy to own. Over the years increased demand for King Trailers has been fueled by our growing reputation as a manufacturer of durable products backed by our over-the-top service. As our name has grown, so too has our impressive list of innovative features. Highlighted below are some of the more notable standard features you’ll find on a King Trailer.

compare these features and see why king is the obvious value leader

High-Density Poly Fenders combine rugged durability and complete corrosion resistance with large steps and outstanding looks.
Hardwearing radial ST rated tires offer excellent durability and minimal rolling resistance, now standard on most King Trailers.
Super Lube is a non-pressurized, flow-through system that lubricates both bearings in the hub. A flow-through system means that fresh grease enters through the inner bearing and out through the outer bearing removing moisture and contaminants every time grease is added.
Glide-King Bunks, standard on most King bunk trailers, are super-slick, ultra-durable, high-density polyethylene bunk sleeves that allow smooth, easy launching and loading in all conditions while providing the full hull support that makes launching and loading in all conditions while providing the full hull support that makes bunk-type trailers so popular. See how many ways Glide-King bunks will help you enjoy boating more:

- Glide-King bunks offer the ease of rollers plus the extra support, low profile and cost advantage of bunks!

- Reduces friction dramatically relieving strain on winches, cables, straps and bow eyes.

- No more worn out bunk carpet to replace.

- Glide-King bunks' molded design channels away abrasive silt and grit that is normally trapped on carpeted bunks!
"Eliminator" axles combine the outstanding ride, quiet and proformance of the torsion suspension system with the versatility of changeable spindles. Torsion suspension progressively stiffens as load is applied reducing bounce, improving ride an insuring a minimum of shock transfer to the trailer, boat and tow vehicle. Torsion suspension is also fully independant for better tracking and since the axle ties directly to the frame the trailer is stronger. This is the quietest, most maintenance free suspension available! Should a spindle ever need to be replaced it is as simple as removing one cotter pin and one nut. Those boaters who have ever damaged a spindle can appreciate this added value. This feature is unique to "Eliminator" axles.
King Trailers are galvanized to a thickness well in excess of industry standards. All galvanized components are fabricated prior to being hot-dipped. This means a thick, complete inside and outside coating on every part for long-lasting saltwater use!
Extra heavy formed tongue support provides multiple fastening to firmly tie all critical frame members together. This key structural component insures a rigid, safe trailer for your peace of mind.
This tough steel cap covers the tongue and frame joint on all of our larger trailers. Protecting critical brake lines and wiring, it also gives the trailer a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look.
Standard on almost every King Trailer, a super-strong, easy to handle nylon strap has replaced old kink-prone cables. Rated at up to 10,000 pounds, many times the rating of the largest winches, straps wind up straight, unwind without binding and do not develop burrs that can injure boaters.
All King Trailers 2400 pounds capacity and up include a standard tongue jack. All jacks are rated for well above the recommended tongue weight of the trailer for safe and secure handling.
A standard item on all disc brake equipped trailers. This electric valve, energized by your reverse lights, locks out your brakes allowing backup. Also standard is a rigid, galvanized cover that protects this vital system.
Your critical electrical system has the exposed portions protected in a heavy sheath for extra durability.

In a one step process all wire connections on King Trailers are soldered & heat shrunk in a see-through water tight enclosure. The result is a wire harness without exposed wire, splices or connectors, insuring trouble free lighting in harsh saltwater environments.

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